Hi, from Lindy Flynn  rev 7-21-11

This is an example to show Beata how easy it is to change information on a website once it is done. 

Nancy, Lindy and Glo July 9th, 2010 Flagstaff

Home in Sandpoint, after a mega road trip. 17 days at my Mom's in Waverly, OH then a brief 3 night layover in Flagstaff. Got to see Nancy and Dick, Glo and Ron, Karen, Debbie, Mark and Robert, and that's about all. But seeing you guys was enough for me to remember what it is like to love my friends and be loved for just who I am. THANK YOU!

And I've been having lots of fun working on a D H Lawrence Society of North America 2011 Conference website http://www.dhlsna.com  

Mom and Lindy June 2010

Robin, Darcy, Pretty Boy Floyd and I Dec. 09 - Lucy was outside playing

IT'S SUMMER 2010 - June 27, 2010

I'm back in Waverly, Ohio visiting my Mother, Dorothy Williams. 93 years of age and actually in pretty good shape - if not feeling very well.  I'm working a a website for my friend Nancy, so will be on here on and off. I may even update my info.
Blessings and Love to you all!

Welcome! from Sandpoint, ID   

Starting off the 2010 with positive action, I've relocated my website to a green host - GreenGeeks. 

Since September 09 I've been settling into my position as Computer Teacher at Washington Elementary School.  I love teaching computers and technology - and love elementary students.  Washington is the best in town!  So I've been spending a lot of my energy in learning 300 students' names, what 6th grade students can do as compared to kindergarteners and great educational websites for all.

I have several regular Computer Tutor clients and plan on expanding. I was back in Ohio visiting my Mom at Christmas 2009 and realized that the elderly also have a need for administrative assistance, with organization, paperwork and fiduciary matters, not to mention Computer Tutoring.

2009 was an amazing year

  • I started the year in Spokane, WA working as a caregiver for Comfort Keepers. At the end of March we moved to Sandpoint, ID.  Sandpoint is a small, upscale town located on Lake Pend Oreille in the northern panhandle of Idaho.  Artists, activists and spiritual visionaries are attracted to this beautiful location.  Am not sure which category I fall into - perhaps a little of all three.  But I was led here.  Robin and Darcy are only about 168 miles north in Winlaw, BC.
  •  After a short stint as a short order cook at the Exxon Deli, a bit longer run with a failing but lovely daycare center as Office Manager, and a couple of months of prayerful unemployment I was hired to be the Computer teacher for Washington Elementary School in Sandpoint.  My dream job - WHY I ask myself didn't I realize how much I'd LOVE working with little kids and computers?  Perfect!!
  • Lucy and new kitty, Pretty Boy Floyd and I share a sweet, renovated home in town.  With bamboo floors, two full baths, great front porch, a huge back yard, big trees, and even a guest room we are set.  Sherilyn and I are hanging tough as our third roomie, Claire, just bought 5 acres and a big house 8 miles out in the country.  I'm having too much fun riding my bike around town (even in the winter) to want to move back out to the country yet.  I love being in a little town with everything within about 10 blocks.  School is 10 blocks south.  Downtown is about 8 blocks east and south. 
  • I volunteer at the Panida Theater, http://www.panida.org/, which is gorgeous, and has wonderful shows – 8 blocks away.  Not to mention there are great shops, restaurants, Eichardt’s pub, McDuff brewery, Pend Oreille Winery, 3 coffee shops that have free wifi, Coldwater Creek, and Litehouse specialty store, etc.  With the amazing City Beach right around the corner from Starbucks, that has a deck a story up from Sand Creek, and the prettiest view, overlooking Sand Creek, the Cabinet Mountains and a corner of Lake Pend Oreille.

I look forward to what 2010 will bring! Maybe You for a visit?